Welcome to Alison Boyce Contemporary Jewellery and Fig Leaf Design Studio

Since 2006, New Zealand jewellery artist Alison Boyce of Fig Leaf Design has been designing and making unique silver and gold handmade jewellery which is now available through her online shop.   Her shop displays a selection of silver, gold and enamel earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and cufflinks which are created in small collections, limited editions and one off pieces.  Some items are available to purchase direct or from the retailer galleries who carry her work.  These items are identified and have a link to take you direct to the gallery which stocks the item you wish to buy.

As all pieces are handcrafted no two items are identical.  Many of her designs have textures or finishes which vary.  If you prefer to have a different finish to what you see online in her shop please let us know.  If it is possible we will be pleased to provide you with the variation you require.